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Link CRM is all-in-one sales platform that offers better lead management and the control over your customers deals sales and products management, focus on increasing your sales and don't worry about your customers relations management, this is our mission.

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With Link CRM we put all you need to start your marketing based business in your hands, Build and track your leads, follow-up with your customers, with advanced Activity Management you can schedule or register your interaction with the customers and never miss a task with embedded reminders, track your customers preferences. Manage your deals with convenience, using our deal management module or pipeline tracking. Manage your sales and use our advanced reports to enhance your sales and marketing strategies .

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Efficiency and ease of use at your fingertips

Products and vendors Management

The Product modules allows you to manage your products in a centralized location,
offering a comprehensive view of product information,
managing prices information, description and images.
manage your vendors and their products.
with Link CRM API you can integrate your e-store to Link CRM for a great customer experience and service

Customers and Contacts Management

Manage your customers and contacts efficiently; all in one place. Track and follow-up on any previous activities with your customers, including phone calls, emails, meetings …
assign your customer to one or multiple agents.
You can add customers manually or using smart excel import utility.

Lead Management

Manage all your inquiries from multiple sources, from social media and Ads campaigns, from auto-imported lead emails, manually entered leads, or import leads from your excel lead files using our excel smart import which allow you to select the fields you need to import and match it to the leads table in the system.
Plus, you can also use our Lead Import API to integrate with your website or in-house built system using REST API call, it’s never been easier.
You can also dismiss the less genuine leads, or convert the lead to a deal automatically.

Deals and Sales Management

The Deals module is a unified system to track deals and its activities, stages, manage customer's preferences.
You can view deals both in list and pipeline view options. In pipeline view you can just drag and drop the deal to change its stage, visually differentiate (deals with activities scheduled today) from (deals with overdue activities) or (won deals lost and even the deals with no scheduled activities).
With sales module you can manage your sales and commissions for the middlemen
and export quotations in seconds.

Activity Management

With Calendar view list all your activities with color pattern categorization, add or edit any activity from within the calendar, or simply switch to the list view which will help you prioritize your activities, you can also add dynamic reminders to you activities to notify you in time to the related activity with popup notification. Done with your activity? Needs to follow-up? No problem, when you mark the activity as done the system will ask if you need a follow-up activity so you won’t miss a lead again. You can also export you activity as google calendar event, iCal file, or outlook online event to sync with your preferred event scheduling utility. You can choose between multiple Activity Types such as phone calls email WhatsApp messages meetings, also you have the ability to integrate wirh Call Center System

Email Campaigns

With Email Campaigns you can design and send your newsletters and much more to your customers, from within link. Deisgn Campaign Templates, define Mail Lists, tracking impressions and much more ...

Integration with Social Media

With link you can integrate with your Facebook page to recieve posts, likes, comments, Ad Campaign leads and convert it to potential customers in the system.

Dashboard snapshots

The Dashboard screen provides drag-and-drop widgets for a quick snapshot overview of activities, sales and deals including:
open deals, closed deals, sales, today scheduled activities, overdue and future activities, customers and sales chart to-do tasks.

Reports - Charts

Reports are essential for decision making, tracking agents' performance and KPIs and your organization.
For your deals, activities or Sales,
rich charts will allow you to measure your organization’s performance By Time, By Account Manager, By Source of Lead, By Customers Nationalities or Countries of residence, By Stage
All charts could be filtered by Date Range or Customers or Account Managers among many other factors ….
All charts could be viewed by count or value (of the deal or sale) by month year or quarter categorization, as a visual chart or data list
and to be exported as an image or excel file

Reports - Maps

You can view the project distribution on the interactive map where you can select the whole country or select a governorate or a district and view the project details by simply clicking on it.
Interest Map, where you can view your customers preferences distribution, which will help you to discover your hit projects and the governorates, districts, or even project which you must focus on.

Reports - Export

you can export your data to excel from with any screen in the system.
The smart export will export only the data you've filtered in your screen.

Users Management Privacy and Security

We understand how much critical your data is for you, that's why it's our top priority with Link to protect it. With Link you can control who can view insert update or delete. None authorized users will never have the access to your data. The SSL protocol will make sure your transactions are secured with the server. Because Link CRM is a cloud based system forget about any security concerns, Besides managing your users, user roles, user permissions, you can also manage you organization teams, add teams assign team leaders.


Daily Summary Email
Popup Notifications
Tasks Management (Assign follow progress , … )
Multi-Currency System
Multi Lingual System

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